Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My new mascara obsession and beauty rush lip glosses

So, I wanted to tell you about my new obsession...fresh supernova mascara. What first caught my eye was it's gorgeous packaging. It's so pretty and dainty in it's black tube and white flowery design! Second, it was on Sephora's faves for mascara. I love it a lot! But the price tag, not so much. It's a fairly expensive mascra, but in my opinon, it's more than worth it!! It seperates, elongates and volumizes your lashes without the least bit of clumping. It's the most dramatic difference, but the most natural one too! I can't say enough good things about this mascara. GO PICK IT UP!

I'm currently on a Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush high right now. I carry around 5 at school. 2 in my pockets, one in my locker, and 2 in my pencil case! I adore them!! They are sooo cheap, $7 each, $12 for 3, and $15 for 5. GET THEM NOW! I have : "grapefruit blast", "slice of heaven", "mango madness", "pinkberry" and "red delicious". My favorite would probably be "slice of heaven". They smell and taste amazing, look so pretty, last a decent amount of time, and aren't sticky at all. They are a great alternative to high end lip glosses and probably the best cheap lip gloss on the market. I will definately be buying more soon. :)

That's it you guys, til next time,


Hello, everyone! :)

Welcome to my blog!!!

I decided to start a blog, not because everyone else was.. (though it helped cause I knew my idea would be warmly welcomed since everyone started doing it.) but because it's much easier for me to update you guys on everything going on! It takes a long time to make videos, and upload them, and especially when people aren't requesting them.. it's much easier to just write my thoughts here, and when I have an actual request, I'll make a video! So basically I will be writing about new products, new mac collections, things I love at the moment, things I want, skin care, hair care, and sometimes the occasional life blog! So I hope you guys follow because I think this has the potential to be even more popular than my youtube channel! So please stay tuned and check back regularly for new posts!

See you around,