Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hello, everyone! :)

Welcome to my blog!!!

I decided to start a blog, not because everyone else was.. (though it helped cause I knew my idea would be warmly welcomed since everyone started doing it.) but because it's much easier for me to update you guys on everything going on! It takes a long time to make videos, and upload them, and especially when people aren't requesting them.. it's much easier to just write my thoughts here, and when I have an actual request, I'll make a video! So basically I will be writing about new products, new mac collections, things I love at the moment, things I want, skin care, hair care, and sometimes the occasional life blog! So I hope you guys follow because I think this has the potential to be even more popular than my youtube channel! So please stay tuned and check back regularly for new posts!

See you around,

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