Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New thoughts on Lash Stylist

I'd just like to clear something up. I made a post a while back about how much I hate Lash Stylist by Mabyelline. Well, I sorta lied. I don't hate it. I really love it. It volumizes, lengthens and dramatizes my lashes like no other. Because I already have super long lashes, which I am so grateful for, mascara tends to really really emphasize them, even when they already don't need it. And I like to keep looks more natural for school, and the Stylist just makes them too bold and out there. But when I'm not at school, and I want an amazing bold lash, this is my holy grail party mascara. Honestly, they are insane with this mascara. I get so many compliments!! There's still the problem about the product depositing little clumps here and there, but they eventually randomly dissapear, or you can take them out easily when dried. But honestly, I suggest you guys try this out for yourself. I have a love-hate relationship with it, but right now I'm really really loving it. Maybe the fact that I have a waterproof version makes it thicker? I don't know! But I do reccommend it for bold, fluttery lashes!

Lauren <3

Mac Little Darlings

hello everyone :)
So I decided agaisnt the whole christmas haul, because I only got one make up item, so I didn't feel the need to haul a bunch of random stuff. And I know I'm really late, but I've just been pretty busy, and only decided to post about this now. I was thrilled to recieve the Mac Little Darlings Lip Glass collection in neturals!! I had once been at the mall with my friend, and mentioned wanting to go pick up Love Nectar lustreglass. Well, my friend managed to get me Love Nectar, and 4 other lip glasses!! She is the least make up person ever, and I'm still in awe that she remembered the name that I said! Anyways, I absolutely adore this set! They are 5 mini lip glasses and lustre glasses exactly half the size of a regular one.

From left to right : C-Thru, Mouthwatering, Languish, Love Nectar, Beaux.

C-Thru is the perfect nude lip with subtle gold shimmer... I really love it!
Mouthwatering is a light pink, sorta frosty, i loveee this one!
Languish is much too dark for me, so I gave it to my mommy. She dabs it over her lipstick and it looks great!
Love Nectar is the MAC must have!! No description needed.
Beaux is a pretty coppery color but not too dark. It's actually really pretty :)

I'm really happy with all my lip glasses!! :) They are also so cute and little, but run out incredibly fast!! I'm really glad these are all permanent colors, because once I run out, I'll be sure to re-purchase Love Nectar (duh!) mouthwatering, and c-thru!

That's it for now,
Lauren <3

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I had to...

Hello again,
So as I was saying in my previous post, I've been gone from yt for about 12 days, and I missed out on tons of videos, and tons of drama. I've always been disconnected from the drama, though I've witnessed a lot of it. If you ask me, all this drama is getting quite ridiculous. Youtube is supposed to be a place where people can connect and share their ideas via video. It's also a place for fun. People have enough drama in their lives, especially all the teenage girls on here, I'm sure they have plenty at high school! So why should they have to deal with these cyber bullies, and stupid lame people who are honestly so bored with their lives that they try their very best to start turmoil in others. Like leave these poor girls alone! Don't call them spoiled, cause they're not. And if you think they are, then keep it to yourself. Don't call them ugly, because they're beautiful and they have the confidence to actually put themselves out into the world whereas you are hiding behind a screen name insulting them. Don't call them copy cats because a lot of the girls are friends, and share ideas. Just basically, leave these girls alone! It's really stupid to see all this happening. Girls are having to stop making videos all together, putting them to private, or switching usernames. This shouldn't have to happen. It's childish and really dumb. So honestly, if you're one of those people who like to start up controversy or insult girls, then you're a major low life, and you should spend your time doing something else. Wow, that was a rant and a half. I'm sorry. I've personally never been attacked, but I see all this stuff going on and it's all so frustrating and ridiculous to me, I don't imagine what it feels like to be in the shoes of a victim. I know everyone is making a video about haters, or posts, and I know it seems really repetitive, but I had to say something. It's so unbelievably stupid I can't even tell you how frustrated it makes me to see this happening. So girls, if you're a personal victim, all I can tell you is that for every hater, you have 50 other subscribers that love you, and watch your videos. So as hard as it is to ignore these stupid people, you should, cause if you pretend they don't affect you whatsoever then they realize it's a waste of their time and they'll stop. They feed off the problems they cause, so just try and ignonre it. You're all beautiful and talented and fun girls, and you deserve all the love and support in the world because putting videos up is very brave and you should not be critized for it.
I'll stop now, this has been a really really long post and I'm sorry.

See you later,

Lauren <33

Back to reality...

Hola chicas,

I know I haven't posted in a really long time, but I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season no matter what holiday they celebrate! :) I actually left for vacation on Christmas day, and only got back the night before school, and ever since things have been so hectic I haven't had anytime to go on blogspot and post. I've also missed out on a lot of videos, and it's hard to catch up!! But I will in time see all the great Christmas hauls people are putting up! :) Anyways, yes. That is why I've been gone. School is started again, BOO. But spring break is just around the corner...sorta... Also, lately I've been seeing really cool and elaborate templates and layout schemes for blogs. Personally I'm not the most saavy in that sorta stuff, so if anyone can help me out or give me a cool one that would be greatly appreciated!!

I hope everyone had a great break (hey, that rhymes!)
See you later,
Lauren <33