Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mac Little Darlings

hello everyone :)
So I decided agaisnt the whole christmas haul, because I only got one make up item, so I didn't feel the need to haul a bunch of random stuff. And I know I'm really late, but I've just been pretty busy, and only decided to post about this now. I was thrilled to recieve the Mac Little Darlings Lip Glass collection in neturals!! I had once been at the mall with my friend, and mentioned wanting to go pick up Love Nectar lustreglass. Well, my friend managed to get me Love Nectar, and 4 other lip glasses!! She is the least make up person ever, and I'm still in awe that she remembered the name that I said! Anyways, I absolutely adore this set! They are 5 mini lip glasses and lustre glasses exactly half the size of a regular one.

From left to right : C-Thru, Mouthwatering, Languish, Love Nectar, Beaux.

C-Thru is the perfect nude lip with subtle gold shimmer... I really love it!
Mouthwatering is a light pink, sorta frosty, i loveee this one!
Languish is much too dark for me, so I gave it to my mommy. She dabs it over her lipstick and it looks great!
Love Nectar is the MAC must have!! No description needed.
Beaux is a pretty coppery color but not too dark. It's actually really pretty :)

I'm really happy with all my lip glasses!! :) They are also so cute and little, but run out incredibly fast!! I'm really glad these are all permanent colors, because once I run out, I'll be sure to re-purchase Love Nectar (duh!) mouthwatering, and c-thru!

That's it for now,
Lauren <3

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