Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mascara, Mascara, MASCARA!

Hello again!
Second post of the day, woohoo!
I'm on a major mascara high lately, so today I decided to make a post about my least favorite mascara. I hate it. It's "Lash Stylist" by Mabyelline. I hate it. I wish I loved it, because it does do a really good job of volumizing and lenghtening and thickening your lashes. Like that aspect of it is amazing, except that it deposits these little chunks of mascara on your lashes, and it just looks terrible! I've tried expirimenting with the application to try to avoid the annoying little clumps but I can't figure it out! The brush is so innovative, and you'd think the product would go on great, except it doesn't. and it's sad. :( I've also tried combing out my lashes afterwards, and it does eventually get the chunks out, but by the end, you've just messed up your lashes and they're all in different directions, and it's just a really hard mascara to work with! It also takes an annoyingly long time to dry. Like you have to keep your eye wide open for like 30 seconds or else it'll smudge. ALSO! when you blink, about like 10 minutes you'll see mascara on your bottom lashes, EVEN if you didn't put any!! And last but not least, this mascara flakes really bad!!!

Rating : 4/10

Pros: Thickens, lengthens and volumizes REALLY well.
Cons: Flakes, smudges and leaves chunks of mascara on your lashes!!

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